Live acts Live DJs and show acts

11:00 until 15:00 Uhr


 • DJ Sascha Peterson and Stefan Rauch (Harmonika)

 • DJ James Five and Christian Bucher/Blowing Doozy (Trompete)

 • DJ Harvey Miller and Karen B. (Sax)

Plattner´s Einkehr
 • DJ Dee Maitz and Fii Beatboxer

 • DJ Chris Antonio and Raphael Niederer/Blowing Doozy (Tenorsaxophon)

Main stage: Tressdorfer Alm

From 13 o`clock party on at Tressdorfer Alm. Warm-up party with resident DJ Chicita and Blowing Doozy Daniel Niederer and Stefan.

15 o`clock warum-up show and prize draw "winter of your life". Afterwards the band "Growing Roots" rock on.



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